How to Be Feminine for Black Women

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As a black married woman, I have found femininity to be immensely important to me and within my marriage.

Whether married or not, femininity is beautiful and essential for us as black women to embrace.

Yes as black women, we are strong, we are resilient and we should continue to be so. Yet, we should not ignore the importance of embracing our femininity.


• Qualities or attributes regarded as characteristics of women.

• “Being relational, nurturing, vulnerable/soft, beautiful, and responsive are wonderful qualities that God Himself has bestowed upon us and we can bear His image rightly as we function in them.

Recently, I have posted my full tips in detail on ‘How to Be Feminine for Black Women’. These tips are universal, but I used my personal experiences as a black woman to curate these tips in our best interest. If you are trying to overcome the stereotypes and the hurt you’ve felt from society and others, as a black woman, then I‘d recommend you watching “Overcoming Stereotypes: Femininity for Black Women”. I cover the “strong black woman” narrative and expectation. I proceed to tell how we as black woman can be still be strong women, but also soft and feminine. This would be a great first step for any black woman who is trying to ignite her femininity. If you are now ready to fully begin your femininity journey,


Watch and Read along my coordinating and in detail YouTube Video!

Your First Steps:

1. Learn How to Compliment Your Natural Features

Once you learn how to compliment your natural features, you will feel more feminine and beautiful which will lead to more confidence within yourself. The two main ways you can compliment your features is by wearing makeup and pampering your skin.


Makeup shouldn’t be used to reconstruct or to hide your face. You are already beautiful. Use makeup to compliment what is already there.

EN TIP: What is one of your facial features you find beautiful? Maybe its your skin complexion, your eyes, your cheekbones or perhaps your smile. Once you’ve picked one, dedicate time to and find out how to best compliment it!


One thing to note is that you DON’T need makeup in order to be feminine. It is a great tool to compliment your natural features, yet there is another way. Other than makeup you can compliment your natural beauty by pampering your skin.

EN TIP: Care to your current skin’s needs. Instead of wearing makeup, try a nourishing facial oil or a dewy & glowy facial mist to help make your skin glow!

2. It all Starts with a Feminine Mindset

Before you can truly become a feminine woman, your mindset must reflect just that. A great place to start, is the beginning. The Bible speaks on who we are and who we are to be as women. For a more in depth and detail of what a feminine woman is and who Yahweh calls us as women to be, a great breakdown of the source would be this article:

“A Real Woman Defining Biblical Femininity” by D’Ann Davis This article is a great read and it is very helpful for anyone who is new to restarting or strengthening their femininity journey.

Without a proper understanding of femininity itself, no woman can reach the goal of her femininity journey.

3. Dress More Femininely

Something that helps me feel feminine would be, dressing in a feminine way.

EN TIP: Find Your Feminine Signature Style! What Clothing makes You feel the most beautiful and feminine? Start from there!

Help Build Your Feminine Wardrobe:

Fall & Winter Feminine Outfit Inspiration:

4. Be Polished

Taking care of yourself is apart of being feminine. Pay attention to the small details before you leave the house. Make sure you aren’t being lazy with your appearance. Wear what’s comfortable and still complimentary.

To help you keep up with pampering and caring for yourself, I’ve personally found this Vintage Beauty Schedule encouraging and helpful. Even if you are not married yet, this can still be useful. As of course, alter the beauty schedule to fit into your life schedule. Either way, take time to truly pamper yourself every week.

5. Etiquette

Another step to complete your femininity journey would to refresh your etiquette. As I’ve mentioned in “A Lady’s Guide to Social Etiquette”, you can put on the dress and makeup to look like a feminine and respectable lady, but if you can’t speak and interact like one, then it is useless.

For a full run-through to ensure your etiquette is at its best, be sure to watch “A Lady’s Guide to Social Etiquette” on my YouTube Channel for more details and advice.

If you‘d prefer to get the basic of etiquette then Ebony Nikita’s “A Lady’s Guide to Social Etiquette” would be the perfect Blog Post for you.

For More Resources, Tips and Advice to Becoming More Feminine:

What is your favorite tip for becoming more feminine? What has helped you during your femininity journey? Do need any specific advice? Comment Below! Let’s Chat, Doll.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita

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